We have defined a better way to invest

AMX has built a simpler and more accessible market for the buying and selling of asset management services to protect value for the end investor. We intend to set a new market standard for professional investment, with greater transparency and independent risk control.

It's time to end value destruction and inefficiency

The existing institutional asset management model is flawed. The potential for hidden risk and wastage is high. Costs are opaque. Duplication is rife. It is fragmented and disorderly. Adequate oversight is a challenge.

It's time for a new era.

AMX has the solution

We have created a simpler way to invest. We have built an exchange where investors can buy manager skill with confidence and where asset managers can access capital at scale. This is better serving end-savers' interests.

This exchanges everything.



of institutional investors have concerns about their investment governance

AMX Pulse Survey 2017