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The AMX platform is a “managed account platform” meaning that whilst the platform infrastructure is designed and controlled by TWIM and its affiliates, the day-to-day management of each fund portfolio will typically be undertaken by a third party manager (“Trading Manager”) identified and selected by TWIM.  No person should invest in any AMX fund unless they are willing to entrust all aspects of management of the fund to the AMX platform and, significantly, all aspects of the management of the fund’s investments to the relevant Trading Manager selected to manage the fund’s assets (which Trading Manager – in many cases, if not all – will have no affiliation to TWIM). The fund’s success will depend primarily on the efforts of the relevant Trading Manager.

An investment in any AMX fund will expose the investor to substantial risks, including, without limitation, risks that relate to: (i) the operations and structure of the AMX platform; (ii) the relevant Trading Manager; (iii) the investment strategy implemented by the relevant Trading Manager; (iv) the investment techniques of the fund implemented by the relevant Trading Manager; (v) the assets acquired by the relevant Trading Manager on the fund’s behalf; and (vi) investing in investment funds generally.

The strategy of any fund, even if implemented according to design, may not produce the performance results anticipated by the Trading Manager. Accordingly, there can be no assurance that a fund will achieve its investment objective.

Trading Managers may use proprietary investment strategies that are based on considerations and factors that are not fully disclosed to TWIM or the fund. These strategies may involve risks under some market conditions that are not anticipated by the relevant Trading Managers, TWIM or the fund.

The success of a fund is potentially impacted by the ability of TWIM to identify, select and monitor Trading Managers. In addition, the success of a fund is primarily dependent on the ability of Trading Managers to develop and use investment techniques that effectively implement the relevant fund’s investment strategies and thereby achieve the fund’s investment objectives. Subjective decisions made by the Trading Managers may cause a fund to incur losses or to miss profit opportunities on which it would otherwise have capitalised.

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