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The Asset Management Exchange (AMX) is an independent institutional asset management marketplace designed to fundamentally transform institutional investment. It is creating a smarter, easier and cheaper way to connect asset owners to those who manage their money.

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It is time to change the way the asset management industry works for the benefit of all market participants.

Asset Owners

The challenges for investors are growing all the time.  Ever increasing accountability and liability for pension fund trustees, combined with growing complexity and choice, means that making the right decisions is more difficult than ever before.

AMX improves investor control by standardising investment implementation. It is a marketplace which is designed to connect investment skill with capital and remove obstacles to performance.

The benefits of AMX include:

  • AMX is smarter. It takes duplication out of the system, all while enhancing investor controls.
  • Standardised infrastructure and centralised back office reduces complexity, making implementation and monitoring easier.
  • Increased scale secures better pricing. AMX is cheaper.
  • Willis Towers Watson’s independent risk management and governance expertise alleviates the pressure on trustees and other staff.
  • In time, AMX will also deliver more consistent and timely portfolio reporting, as well as a better user experience.

AMX is fully operational and is seeded with more than $750 million in delegated hedge fund assets, invested in two funds. These clients are benefitting from its efficacy already. But, this is just the beginning. AMX is now Willis Tower Watson’s investment implementation solution of choice.

The exchange revolution is coming. Be a part of it. Please contact: clients@theAMX.com

Asset Managers

Acquiring assets to manage is time consuming and complex. Potential clients can be spread around the world and come in all sizes, levels of sophistication and differing processes.

AMX connects institutional capital with asset managers across standardised and centralised infrastructure. With more than $750 million in delegated hedge fund assets already on the exchange, and with further asset classes to be added in the near future, AMX delivers access to significant, aggregated pools of capital.

AMX delivers scale benefits by aggregating pools of capital, while reducing complexity through a centralised back office and standardised infrastructure. AMX’s independent risk management and governance perspective will improve investor control and alleviate the burden and duplication felt by both asset owners and asset managers.

Streamlined compliance and reporting also alleviates operational and administrative burdens and relieves unwanted distractions. AMX minimises duplicative compliance resource manager-by-manager, thereby creating a more transparent market and freeing asset managers to focus on investing capital.

The exchange revolution is coming. Be a part of it. Please contact: managers@theAMX.com

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This website is intended only for UK institutional investors, as well as for investment managers not acting as investors but as potential managers of future AMX products.